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Hypothyrodism cure, Thyroid cure, Ayurvedic treatment for Thyroid, Control Thyroid using Ayurvedic medicines, Alternative treatment for hypothyrodism

Thyroid Ayurvedic treatment, Thyroid cure, Hypothyrodism Ayurvedic treatment, TSH control with Ayurvedic medicines, Hypothyrodism cure Ayurveda
Control TSH using Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine to control TSH
As you can see in the 2 reports below of my patient who had High TSH levels. SHe was taking eltroxin for long period of time. But at the same time she suffered many other symptoms like hairfall, migraine , weight gain , hot flushes and other symptoms.
She was willing to get rid of taking eltroxin. She then turn up to me for Ayurvedic treatment for Thyroid.
In just 4 months of my treatment she was able to get rid of Eltroxin and now just following my herbal treatment. Her TSH is in control and her all other issues have gone away


Dr. Ravi Paneri is an internationally well-known sixth generation Ayurveda Health Practitioner from India.

He started his apprenticeship in Ayurvedic medicines at the age of twelve.

He specializes in lifestyle workshops and retrea…

Trigeminal Neuralgia Cure, Trigeminal Neuralgia Ayurvedic treatment, Trigeminal Neuralgia Alternative treatment, Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain relief

Trigeminal Neuralgia Cure, TN Ayurvedic treatment, TN Alternative treatment, How to reduce pain intensity in Trigeminal Neuralgia, 

Below is a link to the video testimonial of patient who got cured using our Ayurvedic  herbal medicine for Trigemeinal Neuralgia . He used to take Mezatol and his western doctor said he would need to take Mezatol till he die
He took our herbal Ayurvedic treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia for  nearly 3 years and he got rid of taking mezatol and cured completely

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Trigemenial Neuralgia is also known as Prospalgia or Douloureux or Suicides disease or Forthergills disease
Its a Neuropathic Disorder characterized by episodes of Intense sever Pain in the face, Originating from Trigeminal Nerve.
Its been described as the most painful condition known to human mankind
Many cases reported af…

Ulcerative colitis Cure, Chrons disease cure, Ayurvedic treatment for Ulcerative colitis, Coeliac cure, Colitis cure, Chronic diarrhoea cure, Alternative treatment for ulcerative colitis


Here are the 2 links for the video testimonial of patients who got complete cure with our Ayurvedic herbal treatment of Ulcerative colitis

One of the latest testimonial

Ravi Paneri
I was suffering from colitis since 2013.I would have constant desire for passing bloody stools with mucus. The stools were in semi solid form and very offensive, around3-4 times a day. I had consulted with gastrologist and undergone sigmoidoscopy and was diagnosed as having UC. The doctor prescribed me to take pantocid,mesacol and steroids , which I continued for 1year with some relief. I was told to continue mesacol for life long as doctor told me that there is no cure available for uc .  However due to the consumption of allopathic medicines I was experiencing side effects like facial swelling ,acne problem .Then while searching for uc cure on net I came to know about Dr Ravi Paneri  in Ahemdabad . With this disturbed state of mind I approached Dr pan…

ADD cure, ADHD cure, Depression Ayurvedic treatment, OCD cure, OCD Ayurvedic treatment , ADHD Ayurvedic treatment,

As of now western medical science which is modern medical science have not found any thorough treatment or cure for Bipolar
While Ayurvedic medicine which was founded 5000 years back have described mania, depression and there management 
Ayurvedic medicine helps to understand disease from the root cause so each program is custom made for patients and patient does not only get better with one symptom or disease but as a whole
Most Neurological disorder are caused by Vata disorder and so is Bipolar
Vata is like a storm of an air. When hurricane or storm comes in any particular region it destroy that region similarly Vata is air and when it gets aggravated and goes to brain it destroys the brain cells causes disease like
Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis , Autism, Bipolar and other neuro degenerative disorders

Ayurveda clasically defines treatment in forms of
Panchakarma, Yoga, Sadhna, Meditation, Mantra and oral medicines
Panchakarma includes Abhyanga, Massage,Shirodhara, Basti, Virechana, Vaman…

Bipolar Cure, Bipolar Herbal treatment, Bipolar Ayurvedic treatment, Bipolar disorder cure, Bipolar disorder Ayurvedic treatment, Ayurvedic treatment for Mania 
Link above is a video link testimony of one of my patients who have fully recovered using my bipolar medication herbal ayurvedic 
And the above 

AFP-file against the **** is deposited into your account for the second month of medicine purchase please send as soon as possible. On this matter, I would like to thank you for medicine and treatment provided last month now I can see an improvement in my digestion to recover mentally slow and steady, I could see clearly. My stomach is good and I got a job after starting your medication now as a Client Servicing and Sales Manager in MNC, through a month and I have to say that I managed to do my job because I love talking, increased confidence level I am travelin…