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Pancreatitis is an Inflammatory disease condition in which the Pancreatic enzymes auto- digest the Pancreatic gland

In simple understanding it is an inflammation of Pancreas. It has several symptoms and it required urgent medical attention

4th commonly occuring cancer in the world

Ayurvedic cause of Pancreatitis-  The most dominant dosha in Pancreatitis according to Ayurveda is pitta dosha

Eating Highly spicy food, Chronic alcoholism, Smoking, Living under severe stress, Hereditory, Eating excessive hot food

Sign and Symptoms of Pancreatitis

Sever Nausea,
Heart Burn
Pain or discomfort in chest
Internal bleeding,
Pain in left upper quadrant or back or stomach area
Fever, Jaundice,
In some cases it can lead to Diabetes as well

Associated symptoms could be ( Acc to Ayurveda )
Headache or Migraine,
Grey hair, Hairfall, Skin rash, Skin issues, Erectile dysfunction, hotflushes, perspiration, dry mouth, dry skin, Pimples, Irregular menstruation

Ayurvedic treatment for P…