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What is Meniere s Disease It is also known as endolymphatic hydrops  Characterised by Episodes of Virtigo, Tinnitus and hearing loss
The hearing loss sometime is always fluctuating and comes and goes
The disease begins slowly and progress gradually. Its not that all the symptoms can be present at the same time but can vary
Rotational Vertigo that can be really stressful, unpredictable and last from few minutes to an hour or more Generally subsides within a day  It can also be associated with Nausea, Vomiting, sweating and feeling of heavyness Hearing loss Pain or sound in ears Migraine like symptoms and feeling here and then Causes of Menieres disease and Tinitus in Ayurveda Hereditory Childhood Allergies, Severe stress,
If one follows ayurvedic treatment  and guidelines given by the Ayurvedic doctor more than 90 percent of recovery can be achieved

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Kindly watch the video testimonials below. There are 100s of patient who are doing excellent in such autoimmune disease

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Miss Billo, Vancouver Canada says - 60 to 70% better in 6 months and says

hi Dr ravi your medicine is amazing it Starts to heel my mouth it's not painful anymore 
I tried remedy of very renown homeopath  doctor for my lichen planus but did not help much finally with your herbs I see good recovery 
Miss Sinha- 80 percent better in 5 months 

What is Lichen Planus
Lichen Planus is a disease of Skin and Mucous Membrane that resembles Lichen. The exact Cause of Lichen Planus is unknown and it is termed as an Auto Immune disease

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Dr. Ravi Paneri is an internationally well-known sixth generation Ayurveda Health Practitioner from India.

He started his apprenticeship in Ayurvedic medicines at the age of twelve.
He at the very young age has traveled often to UK, Europe, North America, Middleast, Africa and Far east for consultations and travels regularly.

Some of his clients are form Indian Cinema as well as he writes in Print Media in USA regularly.

Restless leg syndrome RLS also known as Willis- Ekbom disease. 
Its a Neurological disorder characterised by an Irresistible urge to move body to stop or odd sensations

Its believed that RLS is caused by an Imbalance of Dopamine
It is also genetic. 50 to 60 percent of people with restless legs have a family member with the condition.

Symptoms could be-
Uncontrolled movement of legs
Pain and Needles, Creepy Crawly feeling
The sensations are aggravated at rest or lying down

The Severity of RLS could be mild to intolerable .

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Writer`s cramp also known as Mogigraphia and Scrivener`s Palsy which causes a cramp and spams affecting certain muscles of body mainly hand or fingers .
Writers cramp is task- specified focal dystonia of hand.

The common symptoms are tremors which are more prominent while writing, signing a cheque etc
Allopathically cause is not know and believe to be excessive tensed fine motor activity which produces the tremors 

Ayurvedically the cause is Vata disorder which can causes similar condition like Parkinsons, Tremors, 
As discussed in previous post Vata can cause the damage to the brain cells and produces si
milar conditions

We have helped thousands of patients suffering from Parkinsons, PSP, MS, Tremors, Writers Cramp , Micrographia etc

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Ayurvedic treatment for Advanced osteoarthritis, Osteo Arthritis Ayurvedic treatment, How to avoid surgery in advanced osteo arthritis, Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis

Email- Wesite- Youtube- Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis are degenerative arthritis or degenerative Joint Diseases.

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Causes  Generally its a aging disease and female are more prone to suffer from it However in recent years it has been noticed that disease develops in young age as well
Osteo Arthritis in Ayurveda Generally AMA is a mucous toxin that create the stiffness in the body and swelling as well
Symptoms of OsteoArhritis
Pain and Stiffness in Joints are the one of main symptoms. The pain at times might aggravate with exertion or exercisse Sweeling, Cracking sound, Morning stiffness for half an hour or so 
Ayurvedic treatment for Osteoarthritis  / Ayurvedic treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis
Ayurvedic science always focuses on balancing the doshas which are the main causative factors to any disease in the bod…