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Benign prostate hypertrophy ayurvedic treatment , BPH ayurvedic treatment, Prostatitis Ayurvedic treatment, Ayurvedic treatment for prostate

Email- Webpage- Youtube- Prostatitis, Benign prostate hypertrophy or prostate cancer -  Prostatitis in simple term is inflammation of prostate.   It is a non cancerous enlargement of Prostate gland.  Commonly found in age above 50. As the age increases prostate gland grows bigger and presses on urethra Symptoms-  Urine to be slower and less forceful,  Driblling urine at the end, Some patients gets burning micturition and dysuria For Prostatitis symptoms are Burning, inflammation of urine, Fever, Yellow or dark colour uring, foul odour, Pain during urination, Itching Ayurvedic point of View- In Ayurveda it is termed as Mutrakrucha Ayurvedic medicines are very useful in such condition and we personally have treated thousands of cases with great success More than 80 percent of cases of BPH those who started our ayurvedic treatment were able to avoid operation and prostate size became normal  Even in Prostate cancer it helps to reduce i…

Urticaria cure, Ayurvedic treatment for urticaria, Urticaria natural treatment, Urticaria homeremedies , Urticaria shitpitta treatment

What is UrticariaDr Ravi Paneri is available 4 times a year in Montreal, Canada and also he travels globally so one can keep in touch by simple email and if and when in their city, country Dr Paneri will notify youEmail- ,
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Urticaria is derived from Latin word Urtica commonly referred to as Hives. It is kind of skin rash pale red , itchy, bumps and raised.  It can cause burning or stinging sensation They are varying in shapes and sizes Mostly it stays acute but if not treated it can become chronic Urticaria as well It is one kind of allergic reaction
Ayurvedic causes of Urticaria/ Ayurvedic understanding of Urticaria
In Ayurveda it is called as Shit Pitta. Shit means cold ( Kapha ) and Pitta So cold winds external and heat of body aggravates it  When Pitta dosha spreads in Rakta Dhatu 
Caues of Urticaria
Allergic reaction Aggravated kapha and pitta dosha Eating oily spicy food, exposure to cold winds, cold weather, eating junk food, sever…