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Around January 2018 a young male patient age around 25 came to Dr Ravi paneri and he was suffering from Scleroderma, MCTD disease. He got diagnosed at the age of 18. He had typical scleroderma symptoms ranging from fever, headache, raynauds phenomenon, joint pain, discoloration on skin, various skin patches, skin tightening, difficulty in opening of mouth, skin dryness, headache, indigestion, reflux etc. He was taking western medicine treatment like Cortison, Methotraxate, Antacid and various other treatment for past 7 years and it resulted in to many side effects. When he came to know about ayurvedic cure for scleroderma by Dr Ravi Paneri he decided to see him. After consulting Dr Ravi Paneri started his ayurvedic treatment for Scleroderma, MCTD ayurvedic treatment and he started feeling better from 1st month. Within 4 months of treatment he improved more than 80% and he got rid of taking all the western medicine. As he felt better he stopped taking the western treatment.


Latest Scleroderma testimnoial of a patient from USA in  just week of starting my herbs

In couple of days using your medicine I have following updates: digestion back to normal, appetite up, food intake up, gained 2 pounds, energy levels normal. I also noticed that breathing seems to be improving because there was a day when I slept for long time and did not take heart medicine for many hours and I was breathing normally. My skin is still very tight and improvement with small blood vessels on face very mild. My walking abilities are back 100%, but my body movement flexibility is still limited.  I have scheduled blood testing and cardiogram in August.
What is Scleroderma
Scleroderma is also known as Systemic Sclerosis is a Chronic Systemic AutoImmune disease characterised by Hardening of the Skin. When it becomes sever and gets more chronic it starts to affects Internal Organs
Auto Immune disease are Illnesses which occur when the body s tissues are attacked by its own immune systems
Causes of Scleroderma
Exact Cause is still unknown but to some extent genetic and environmental factors plays an important role.
Scleroderma in Ayurveda - Tridoshic with Mainly Pitta Kapha Imbalance
Limited Scleroderma , Limited Scleroderma in Ayurveda
Involves cutaneous manifestations that mainly affects the hands, face and arms. It used to known as CREST SYNDROME. Calcinosis, Raynauds phenomenon

Sign and Symptoms
CVS- Raynauds Pehnomenon,, High Blood Pressure, CHF, Palpitations Ulcers on fingertips
Digestive- GERD , Gastro esophageal reflux disease, Bloating, Acidity, Diarrhoea, Hoarseness 
Musculoskeletal- Joint and Muscle aches, restrictedmovement, Carpel Tunnel
Pulmonary- shortness of breath and persistent cough
Facial hair, erectile dysfunction, itching etc can also happen at times
Ayurvedic Treatment for Scleroderma,  Herbal treatment for Scleroderma
Ayurvedic treatment aims to help you create the imbalance which has caused an illness so it goes up to the root cause and help you balancing your body doshas
Since its Pitta and Kapha imbalance one is asked to stay away from Sour food, Junk food, Leftovers, Lavish lifestyle, Taking more amount of calories, Avoid Vinegar
Ayurvedic treatment for scleroderma consist of herbs which will mainly help to detox toxins of the blood which is altering the immune system and symptomatic treatment based on particular body system is involved
We have helpd cases of Scleroderma successfully up to 80 to 90 percent and can definately assure you the recovery 

Q-I am taking allopathic medicine can I take your herbs with my Allopathic medicine?
A - If you are taking then we ask you to continue in same manner and there wont be any contrast changes in the body. Our herbs will be acting at the root cause so gradually intake of western medicine can be reduced after getting improved using our Ayurvedic medicine for Scleroderma

Q- I do not stay in India. Is it possible to buy herbs online or Online consultation?

A- Certainly we are treating so many patients globally and foreign patients are mainly taking online treatment and getting better. More than 95 % foreign patients are treated  online unless either one wishes for personal consultation based on individual need

Q- Is  Ayurvedic treatment safe?

A- It is one of the most safest and does not produce any side effects- However one needs to be take them under Ayurvedic physician and follow the protocols perfectly

Q- How long the treatment lasts ?

A-Its based on the different factors

Q - Dr Paneri?

A - Dr Paneri
The Sharma Ayurvedic Clinic
Dr. Ravi Paneri is an internationally well-known sixth generation Ayurveda Health Practitioner from India.
He started his apprenticeship in Ayurvedic medicines at the age of twelve.
He specializes in lifestyle workshops and retreats all around the world. He integrates the intelligence of Vedic Ancient Knowledge in forms of Ayurvedic Nutrition, Pulse Diagnosis, Lifestyle Evaluation and combines the best of Eastern and Western lifestyle thinking.
He focuses on helping people listen to the intelligence of their body and live life without limits He has studied and traveled widely around the globe gathering knowledge and for consultations. He at the very young age has traveled often to UK, Europe, North America, Middleast, Africa and Far east for consultations and travels regularly.
Some of his clients are form Indian Cinema as well as he writes in Print Media in USA regularly.



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