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Prostatitis, Benign prostate hypertrophy or prostate cancer - 
Prostatitis in simple term is inflammation of prostate.  
It is a non cancerous enlargement of Prostate gland. 
Commonly found in age above 50. As the age increases prostate gland grows bigger and presses on urethra
Symptoms-  Urine to be slower and less forceful, 
Driblling urine at the end,
Some patients gets burning micturition and dysuria
For Prostatitis symptoms are
Burning, inflammation of urine, Fever, Yellow or dark colour uring, foul odour, Pain during urination, Itching
Ayurvedic point of View-
In Ayurveda it is termed as Mutrakrucha
Ayurvedic medicines are very useful in such condition and we personally have treated thousands of cases with great success
More than 80 percent of cases of BPH those who started our ayurvedic treatment were able to avoid operation and prostate size became normal 
Even in Prostate cancer it helps to reduce inflammation and spread further. However patients can also improve 
Hello my name is Victor Omedes and I was born in Spain…. In my thirties I was told to have prostate enlargement and although I followed a few treatments no one helped me much. A friend told me about Dr. Ravi and I have been taking his medicine for 6 months. Although my condition is not totally over, I feel confident that my improvement now is beyond 60%. It is a very good herbal medicine One has to be regular in taking those tablets for the treatment be effective.. Now I feel I should go ahead with Dr. Ravi´s medicine and try to recover my health totally.
Mr Nanda ( Iskcon devotee ) from Greece
I have taken Dr Ravi paneri s Ayurvedic treatment for Benign prostatic hypertrophy and night urination which was giving me sleep problems. After his ayurvedic treatment for prostate I have improved very much and I highly recommend him

Q- Can Ayurveda help me curing Benign prostatic hypertropy or Prostate cancer?
A- Yes Ayurveda is the oldest medical science on earth and treatment of such disease are very effective
Q-I am taking allopathic medicine can I take your herbs with my Allopathic medicine?
A - If you are taking then we ask you to continue in same manner and there wont be any contrast changes in the body. Our herbs will be acting at the root cause so gradually intake of western medicine can be reduced after getting improved using our Ayurvedic medicine for Benign prostatic hypertrophy
A- Certainly we are treating so many patients globally and foreign patients are mainly taking online treatment and getting better. More than 95 % foreign patients are treated online unless either one wishes for personal consultation based on individual need
Q- Is  Ayurvedic treatment safe?
A- It is one of the most safest and does not produce any side effects- However one needs to be take them under Ayurvedic physician and follow the protocols perfectly
Q- How long the treatment lasts ?
A-Its based on the different factors
Q - Dr Paneri?
A - Dr. Ravi Paneri is an internationally well-known sixth generation Ayurveda Health Practitioner from India. He started his apprenticeship in Ayurvedic medicines at the age of twelve.
He specializes in lifestyle workshops and retreats all around the world. He integrates the intelligence of Vedic Ancient Knowledge in forms of Ayurvedic Nutrition, Pulse Diagnosis, Lifestyle Evaluation and combines the best of Eastern and Western lifestyle thinking.
He focuses on helping people listen to the intelligence of their body and live life without limits He has studied and traveled widely around the globe gathering knowledge and for consultations. He at the very young age has traveled often to UK, Europe, North America, Middleast, Africa and Far east for consultations and travels regularly. 

Some of his clients are form Indian Cinema as well as he writes in Print Media in USA regularly.


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